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Featured Projects

Skynet Bot

Skynet Bot, a tailored Discord bot, was meticulously crafted for the unique needs of the Media Void Community, combining various functionalities for an all-in-one solution. Managed by Finch Studio, while currently exclusive, there are plans to unveil its advanced features to the wider public in the future.

Flashback Salvage

Flashback Salvage, a haven for vintage aficionados, showcases timeless treasures, while Finch Studio skillfully amplifies its digital presence, seamlessly blending past allure with modern digital design and e-commerce solutions.

Zombie Survival Game

In “Fear The Wild,” navigate a post-apocalyptic 2020 where a deadly plague has transformed most of humanity into zombies, and experience a dynamically evolving North America where nature reclaims its space and survivors must adapt to ever-changing challenges. Dive into a unique open-world survival experience with immersive systems like electrical decay, intense weather patterns, and real-time environment alterations, all crafted with dedication to community feedback.
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