About Finch Studio

Finch Studio is a indie game studio formed in Ontario Canada. Our goal is to bring together like minded people to work with the studio to bring our projects to life.

We try our best to build games with Quality Graphics, Quality Code and Quality Gameplay. Games that out community can continue to enjoy and play for years to come. We are heavily focused on Community input, to help shape the games to what they will become. We are Modders at the core and Gamers who love playing games that we can enjoy.

We know some of our games might be relatable to other games out there, but we strive to make our own little version with differences here and there. Our goal is to build games that are playable, as well as a Realism feel. Games that face life like scenarios, and life like consequences. Games that will test, challenge you every moment you play.


If this sounds like something you can get onboard with, then check out our games, submit feedback, suggestions and lets grow these games and communities.

We Strive to pave a new path for games!

Meet the team

Amy Finch

My name is Amy, though most usually call me Finchy. I’m the Owner and Lead of the team. I focus more on the Back end Servers, Level Design and Websites.
On my free time, I run and maintain the Amazon Lumberyard Game Engine Discord Server, part of the AWS Community Builders – Game tech and on the AWS Game Dev Council. I’m also a Member of the International Game Developers Community. I try my best to tale part in indie studios and organizations around the world, as that’s what I love doing.
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Prop & Weapons Artist
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Part-Time Programmer
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Studio lawyer, keeping the studio and our projects safe
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Weapon and Character Artist
(Pending Joining)
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