Finch Studio's Archived Projects

At Finch Studio, we pride ourselves on our meticulous documentation and archival process for our projects. While the digital realm is ever-evolving, we believe in preserving our legacy for both reflection and record-keeping purposes. Each archived project remains live, despite its active phase having ended. Typically, after a year or two since the project’s completion, a message is displayed on its domain, denoting its archived status.

Current Archived Projects

The Day Before Project Countdown

Finch Studio embarked on the development of a unique countdown for the anticipated game, ‘The Day Before.’ The countdown was designed to culminate with the unveiling of an interactive game map, forums, a mod database, a wiki, and more, bringing the gaming community closer. In collaboration with community members and a handful of developers, we pieced together content from public sources.

Empire Finch: Minecraft Building Service

Stemming from a deep-rooted love for assembling Legos, the Empire Finch building service was birthed in the pixelated world of Minecraft. During my school years, I served clients with my unique Minecraft builds, earning both real money and in-game currency. My constructions, ranging from the modest to the magnificent, became the cornerstone of my reputable status in the Minecraft community.
As of this moment, the projects listed above represent our archived endeavors. However, as we journey onward, more projects might find their place in this archive. Finch Studio is dedicated to maintaining transparency in all our undertakings, both present and past. We are committed to ensuring that our community remains informed and engaged, as we continue to pave our path forward.
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