A Open World Ever-Changing Zombie Survival Game...

“Fear The Wild,” a brainchild of Finch Studio, transports players to a dystopian 2020—a world scarred by a viral calamity. The aftermath of this lethal outbreak has transformed countless individuals into predatory, flesh-eating zombies. With the absence of any known cure, players step into the shoes of the few remaining survivors, endeavoring to reconstruct society amidst the looming threats.

Dynamic Environment

The expansive open-world landscape, rooted in the remnants of North America, presents players with a rich tapestry of terrains and ecological challenges. From the icy alleys of Banff and Barrie, where fierce snowstorms rage, to the sizzling sands of Las Vegas, survival hinges on one’s adaptability. As the game progresses, players will witness urban realms falling under nature’s dominance—streets engulfed by forestry, edifices in ruins, fauna reclaiming metropolises, and the slow decay of human-made infrastructures.

Gameplay Features

Base Building

Players are empowered to establish and personalize their bases, ensuring they stand resilient against the infected. Whether it’s by nurturing a solitary bastion or erecting multiple command posts scattered across the map, the choice of defense rests with the player.

Resource Management

Essential resources lie scattered amidst forsaken structures. To endure, players must scavenge, hunt in the expansive wilderness, or practice agriculture.

Unique Systems

Distinguishing itself from the horde, “Fear The Wild” boasts a suite of innovative in-game mechanisms, including:
A comprehensive electrical system.
Realistic decay dynamics.
Lifelike weather and time patterns.

Development Status (2023)

Crafted with passion by Finch Studio, “Fear The Wild” started as a promising venture but has, over time, transitioned into a hobbyist project. The pivot is largely attributed to the studio’s time constraints and other pressing commitments. Despite being a labor of love, the magnitude of the project combined with limited time availability has led to its indefinite postponement.
In light of the project’s ambitious nature, Finch Studio has opted for a more guarded approach to the game’s potential release. The intention is to contain it within a close-knit circle, sidestepping public release to curtail the risk of negative feedback resulting from any prospective delays or developmental hiccups.
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