Game Maps

Online Map Service

Welcome to the newest innovation from Finch Studio’s R&D division: a cutting-edge map service designed specifically for the gaming community. Drawing inspiration from esteemed platforms like Mapgenie, we’re excited to present a tool that focuses on the unique needs of co-op and multiplayer gamers. Our service promises real-time collaboration, allowing players to seamlessly place and view markers in sync. As you strategize or share points of interest, every member of your group will have access to the same dynamic information, enriching gameplay and team interactions.
But that’s not all. While we initially crafted this tool to enhance Finch Studio’s titles, its design encourages broad integration across various games. This means whether you’re a game developer or an enthusiastic player, our map platform is equipped to elevate your gaming experience. Stay tuned for further updates and dive into a world of advanced collaboration with Finch Studio’s transformative map service!
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