Minecraft Building Service

The Empire Finch

During my high school and college years, I operated a building service called Empire Finch. My passion for assembling Legos naturally led me to building in Minecraft. I constructed structures for clients in exchange for real money and also earned in-game currency on certain servers where I was active. Aside from creating structures for clients, I also enjoyed designing a range of personal buildings — from small to massive — which helped me establish a notable reputation based on my constructions.

Empire Finch: Service Discontinued & Archived

We deeply appreciate the years of trust and collaboration we’ve shared with our community. It’s with mixed feelings that we announce the discontinuation of the Empire Finch building service. While our construction journey has come to an end, we are pleased to preserve the memories of our iconic builds and projects. To celebrate our history and ensure the artistry lives on, we have curated an archive for enthusiasts and curious minds alike.
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