Finch Studio Research & Development Department

At Finch Studio, innovation and future-forward thinking are at the core of what we do. Our dedicated Research & Development (R&D) department is testament to that commitment. Designed to brainstorm and develop features tailored to our needs, the department doesn’t just stop there; we aspire to craft public versions that the wider community can benefit from. Beyond ideation and creation, our R&D division ensures we remain in sync with contemporary trends, technological shifts, and industry demands.

Our Current R&D Projects

Empowering game studios with real-time data visibility, this project lets studios display the operational status of their servers for websites and games, aiming to substantially reduce downtime-related inquiries.
A community-driven initiative, this project invites users to share their tales of repurposing salvaged items. Inspired by the show ‘Salvage Kings’ and the store ‘Flashback Salvage’, it is a platform where recycling meets creativity.
Targeted specifically at the Canadian market, ‘Privacy’ is in its nascent stages. Our ambition with this project is to develop tools and solutions to safeguard user privacy.
Taking a leaf out of ‘Map Genie’, ‘Game Maps’ is tailored for games featuring Multiplayer or Co-Op modes. It is uniquely constructed to enable group and party collaborations, fostering a collective gaming experience.
A more accessible alternative to mainstream platforms, our version of ‘Linktree’ is tailored for indie studios and individual users. We aim to provide a platform that doesn’t weigh heavily on pockets, making it a go-to for those who find mainstream offerings prohibitively expensive.

While the projects listed above give a snapshot of our current endeavors, the dynamic nature of our R&D department means we’re constantly ideating, evolving, and even retiring projects as needs and trends shift. The list provided reflects our focus as of August 2023, and we’re excited about what the future holds!

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