Skynet Bot

Skynet Bot; Designed for Multimedia Servers

Skynet Bot is a powerful and feature-rich Discord bot created exclusively for the Media Void Community. With careful consideration of our community’s unique requirements, Skynet Bot has been developed from scratch as a passion project to ensure it perfectly aligns with our needs. By consolidating functionalities from various other bots, Skynet Bot offers a comprehensive and centralized solution for all our Discord server needs.
At Finch Studio, we proudly possess and manage integral resources, including our servers and Github repositories, all dedicated to the Skynet Bot—a creation originally conceptualized for the Media Void Community. This advanced bot was initially crafted for the exclusive needs of the Media Void Community. While we currently don’t offer applications for public access to the bot, we’re hard at work ensuring every feature is perfectly honed. Once we achieve this milestone, we plan to roll out applications, giving the public the opportunity to experience our bot’s capabilities firsthand.
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