The Day Before

The Day Before Project Countdown

Finch Studio developed a countdown project for the game. Once released, this countdown was shared with the broader community. The intention behind this project was that, upon reaching zero on the countdown, users would be presented with an interactive game map, forums, a mod database, a wiki, among other features. We collaborated with the community and a few developers to gather content. However, we had to rely on publicly available information, so we had limited information to go on.
See below for a glimpse of how the countdown appeared:
A little over two months before the game’s release, the developers banned me from their internal networks and public discord, citing my frequent questions about the game release based on publicly accessible information. In response, our studio decided to halt updates on the site, replacing its content with a cautionary notice highlighting potential concerns of the game’s monetization strategies. Consequently, we also disabled the project’s features, leaving only the fixed warning message.
While we might reconsider our stance after the game launches, currently, we have no inclination to continue our involvement in a project related to a game that chose to permanently exclude us from its servers.
See below for how the site looks today:
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